3 Retailers Giving Back this Holiday

Although more shoppers flocked to stores and bought online this year during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are many people that don’t have the means to shop for their families. In the spirit of the holiday season, we highlight 3 retailers that are giving back in big and creative ways to help out communities across the US:


Everyone loves Legos. With a new Lego Replay program instituted this year, Lego is providing consumers with free shipping to donate their legacy products to children in need. All they need to do is go to the website, print out a label, use an old cardboard box and send the coveted toy out to be cleaned and donated. Their goal is not just to help people, but the environment, repurposing Legos to put them in the hands of those who can’t afford them, keeping them out of the landfill. According to Tim Brooks, the Environmental Responsibility VP of Lego, “The vast majority hand them down to their children or grandchildren. But others have asked us for a safe way to dispose of or to donate their bricks,” he said. “With Replay, they have an easy option that’s both sustainable and socially impactful.”



Similar to Lego, the Disney Store has partnered with Toys for Tots for the World’s Ultimate Toy Drive, encouraging customers to donate a toy to a child who wouldn’t otherwise get any presents this holiday season. For every toy donated, Disney will give $1 to Toys for Tots, continuing the mission of giving back to the community. This partnership formed back in 1947 when Disney animators designed the first logo for the non-profit organization. 70 years later, Disney is offering the opportunity to help by promoting the campaign online and in-store for customers to visit and help out.


REI has done so much good in 2019, carrying it into the holidays with their #OptOutside program, encouraging both customers and employees to take care of the environment by participating in clean-up efforts in cities nationwide. They even closed their online and brick and mortar stores on Black Friday to support this effort and provide their communities with the opportunity to reduce their impact on the environment. On their website, customers can even opt-in to weekly calendar notifications and provide forums for discussion to increase engagement and awareness of the sustainability issues in the retail industry.  Eric Artz, REI’s CEO maintains that real change can happen by developing out their communities: “As a single company, our impact is limited, but as a community, we can drive change that powers meaningful action beyond our walls,” he said. “As a co-op, we know that many people taking many small steps together can add up to big changes. Collective intention will drive collective impact.”

“As a single company, our impact is limited, but as a community, we can drive change that powers meaningful action beyond our walls,”
— Eric Artz, REI’s CEO

As more and more retailers are looking into corporate responsibility, more programs and campaigns are bound to pop up during the holidays and extend throughout 2020, enabling consumers to give back in a meaningful way.

To explore more about how retailers are reflecting the values of their customers, check out our latest piece in AdWeek.

Melissa Eisenberg

Melissa has over 10 years of writing experience as well as a background in retail and ecommerce.

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