How Retailers are Driving Growth through Customer Experience

At the Narvar Summit, we hosted a variety of retail leaders, from early-stage startups to larger brands. Regardless of their size, they are all focusing on the same thing: using customer experience to grow their businesses.

Authenticity creates affinity

According to Matt Gehring, VP of Growth at Rothy’s, the customer experience needs to include an experience to remember— a practice that has created tremendous growth for the retailer. “Being authentic is a core driver to engage your customers, doing what you do well and solving their pain points at the same time,” according to Gehring. For Rothy’s, reaching customers on outlets they frequent, like Instagram, has created groups of advocates that increase the number of word-of-mouth interactions and provided a steady vehicle for growth.

Making it personal goes a long way

In addition to retail sessions, we hosted a panel of leaders from the hospitality industry who provided a deeper look at how they are tackling customer experience by leveraging technology.

“We are constantly looking for ways to get customers to interact with our hotels,” according to Scott Muety, AVP of Revenue at Viceroy Hotel Group. Since hospitality is very much experiential, it’s important to utilize information about customers enabling hotels to create better, tailored experiences that resonate long after the guest leaves. The challenge is that hotels need data to learn more about guests in order to provide the right level of personalization. “We want to be able to look at our system and know how and when to provide incentives to top-tier customers, as well as extending service before the customer arrives,” he said.

Curation defines the brand

By creating better customer experiences, retailers can build trust, leading to loyalty, retention and more revenue. But how are they better connecting to their audience? According to Meghan Laffey, COO at Brandless, curation has been a successful tactic to build trust by helping customers quickly find the products they want. “There are a great deal of options out there and retailers need to remove the paradox of choice by curating their products to fit their customer needs,” she said. Curated recommendations should offer relevant information and education about why a product could be right for them to build trust and retention.

While there are many ways to grow a retail business, crafting the right customer experience is the foundation for creating a bond with your customers. Personalized messaging and valuable information inspires trust and loyalty. As retailers (and hotels) explore new opportunities to grow, finding solutions to customer needs is always a great place to start.

Melissa Eisenberg

Melissa has over 10 years of writing experience as well as a background in retail and ecommerce.

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