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4 Ideas for Cross-Selling During the Holidays

It is critical for retailers to maximize their revenue during the all-important holiday season. One of the easiest ways to do this is by drilling-down on the post-purchase experience—particularly the first 48 hours after a customer makes a purchase because this is an ideal time to cross-sell. Why?—Because your store and its offerings are front of mind with consumers. (During the holiday season Narvar retailers see a 20% increase in order tracking engagement from consumers.)

Smart post-purchase messaging can be more than helpful communication about the impending arrival of an order—it can enhance your relationship with the customer, increase their loyalty, and entice them to make additional purchases for themselves, friends, or family. Here are a few tips you can use to increase your sales and maximize your revenue before the New Year arrives.

Highlight gift ideas

People enjoy giving presents more than they like receiving them—the act of giving activates the part of the human brain associated with pleasure and reward. So, use your post-purchase holiday content to reward shoppers by offering gift ideas they can use to impress friends and family. Deploy helpful messaging that reminds them it's important to "remember and celebrate the most important people in their life" with a unique, thoughtful gift.

"Customers also bought..."

Use purchases as a jumping off point for recommending related products to your customers.

For example, imagine a shopper decides to buy a men's large 49ers jersey. You can use their order tracking email to:

  • Share interesting trivia about the team or their favorite player.
  • Provide links to relevant products for women, teens, or children.
  • Offer suggestions on how to keep the jersey in pristine condition.

And so much more.

Continuing with the previous example, you can also spread the love by cross-selling apparel of other local franchises—in this case, apparel from the San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors, Oakland A's, and San Jose Sharks would be great to recommend as a part of your cross-sell efforts.

Spotlight the biggest savings

A good deal is hard to resist even for shopper's who've technically "completed" their holiday shopping. Take advantage of increased consumer attention during the order tracking phase of the customer journey to highlight your most lucrative promotions. Doing so might compel shoppers to add  a gift or two for a loved one to their holiday experience, or expand their shopping list when they see a gift that a friend or co-worker (who wasn’t necessarily on their gift giving radar) would appreciate.

Don’t forget gift cards

People tracking their orders are engaged in trying to finish their holiday shopping and, since everyone has a person or two (or more!) on their lists who are hard to buy for, consider promoting the benefits of gift cards.

You already know that the consumer appreciates your products and trusts your company since they’ve just bought one or more gifts from your retail store—and they can feel a sense of relief when you offer them a solution to complete their shopping. You may decide to add on to the value of the gift card (buy one for $100 and the recipient can spend $125) or offer a unique add-on with this purchase, perhaps a branded Christmas ornament. 

Consumers are primed and ready to spend their dollars during the holiday season. It’s up to you to make sure they’re incentivized to shop with you. Taking advantage of prime real estate, like package tracking emails and tracking pages, is a great way to meet your customers where they are.

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