What Retailers Can Do About Package Theft

Nearly one third of American homeowners have packages stolen from their homes every year. And with the holidays upon us, package theft is all the more nerve-wracking. What if you went through the trouble to make sure your perfect holiday gift would arrive on time, only to have it swiped from your porch just before you’re supposed to give it to your loved one? Retailers can’t wait at their customers’ doors to prevent porch piracy, but luckily they have other options. Here are five things retailers can offer to help their customers lower the risk of package theft.

Accurate package tracking

Giving customers advance notice of when their package will arrive will help them make plans to receive it. After all, 76% of package theft happens when the customer isn’t home. It’s also a great way to increase overall customer satisfaction and customer retention. According to the Narvar survey Connecting with Shoppers in the Age of Choice, 53% of shoppers will only purchase something if they know when it will arrive, and 54% will give repeat business to a company that can predict when their package will get to them.

Delivery alerts

Send your customers notifications the moment something gets delivered. It’ll help cut down on the amount of time a package is sitting outside waiting for its rightful owner to take it in. Plus, it will help you meet customer expectations: 83% of shoppers expect regular communication about their purchases. This can be particularly handy in instances where a delivery will be delayed. If a customer is expecting to be at home to receive a package, only to have it not show up, it can be pretty upsetting. They may not be able to make plans to be home during the new delivery window, thus leaving their packages outside and vulnerable to theft. If a customer can trust your communications, they’ll be more likely to grab their package in time.

Carrier investigation

Accurate package tracking and delivery alerts also lets your customer know right away if something went wrong—which in turn means it’s faster and easier for either of you file a claim with the carrier to figure out what happened and to prevent it from happening again.Filing a claim might not help a customer get their package back if it was truly stolen, but it can help them get damages or find out if it was merely lost in the mail. If they did in fact have their package stolen, they can file a complaint with the US Postal Inspector, a police force that deals specifically with mail theft, or they can file a local police report to try to remedy mail theft in their neighborhood overall.  

Flexible delivery options

By providing convenient alternatives for order deliveries, like nearby stores or access points, you can help customers ensure that their packages won’t be left sitting in an unsecure location. With a package tracking solution like Narvar, you can give customers the opportunity to enter alternate delivery instructions.  Customers can redirect packages to different locations and even schedule their deliveries for the ideal time for them with features like delivery scheduling and package redirect, directly from the tracking page. This ensures packages get to them on the first attempt. It not only prevents theft, it also makes package delivery far more customizable and convenient for your customers.

Discreet packaging

Don’t tempt thieves with flashy branding that might hint at the goodies inside—especially if you’re a high-end retailer. Keep boxes plain and discreet, and save the fun packaging for inside the box, where it can be enjoyed more safely by the intended recipient.When it comes to package theft, the best defense is to give customers more transparency and control over their deliveries with a package tracking solution. That helps them make sure they’ll be there when their packages arrive. It also has the added bonus of making your customers happier with their shopping experience overall—which is a win for everyone involved.Not sure what to look for in a delivery tracking platform? Read The Retailer’s Guide to Selecting a Package Tracking Solution.

Tamara Stanley

Tamara is Narvar's Senior Content Marketing Manager, bringing more than 15 years of content creation experience for big brands, including Bright Horizons, Salesforce, and Slack.

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