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Here's how this referral thing works...


Fill out the form on this page.


Make sure you check the confirmation box so we know it’s OK to reach out.


Hit “Submit” and that’s it!—If your referral completes a demo, you’ll receive a $250 gift card!

*Note: Referrals can only be submitted from the United States.

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Read more about our referral program below.

How does the referral program work?


If you know someone in your network who could benefit from Narvar, enter their details in the form above. After the initial meeting, if there is interest on both sides and they proceed with a demo and discovery conversation, you’ll receive a referral bonus of $250 via a gift card from a Narvar customer of your choice.

Who will reach out to my referral?


By selecting the checkbox above, you consent that the referring party knows they’re being referred. Narvar will reach out to the referred party to schedule time to meet. Narvar will inform the referred party that you are the referring entity.

Who can I refer?


Anyone in your network you think could benefit from Narvar and know well enough to refer. You cannot refer someone else who works at the same company you work for.

Is this specific to a region of the world?


Referrals can only be submitted from the United States due to compliance issues. Referrals can be made to referring parties outside of the US, but the referrer must be within the US.

What counts as a successful referral?


If your qualifying referral books time with us after the introduction and moves to a qualifying stage where there is interest from both parties, you’ll get a reward.

How will I get paid?


You will receive a gift card from a select list of Narvar customers. You will be able to choose which retailer you’d like your gift card from.

When will I get paid?


After the referral has been qualified, you will receive your gift card within 30 days.

Is there a limit to how many companies I can refer?


No! You can continue to refer qualified companies!