Resource Library- The Essential Guide to Retail Returns

The Essential Guide to Retail Returns

The Essential Guide to Retail Returns

Make the most of your retail returns

85% of shoppers say they will not do repeat business with a company if the returns process is complicated or inconvenient. Returns are an opportunity to improve customer experience, attract new buyers, and drive loyalty. Yet they continue to be a pain point for both consumers and retailers. Download our eBook to learn the current state of returns, the latest consumer expectations, and how to make the most of this critical part of the customer journey.

This guide will help you:

  1. Understand why returns are the new normal. Nearly half of customers returned a purchase they made in the last year.
  2. Ensure your return policy is simple and easy to understand. A restrictive or complicated returns process can actually prevent an initial conversion.
  3. Drive in-store traffic with ecommerce returns. Customers want options for returns which gives you new ways to get conversions.
  4. Make customers love you because of your returns process. Customers want transparency and convenience, and they'll stick with a retailer that gives it to them.
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