Resource Library- 6 Ways to Get a Pulse on Your Post-Purchase Experience

6 Ways to Get a Pulse on Your Post-Purchase Experience

6 Ways to Get a Pulse on Your Post-Purchase Experience

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How healthy is your post-purchase customer journey?

Measuring your customer retention efforts isn’t always straightforward. So how can you get a good picture of your impact among shoppers who have already bought something from your brand? By tracking the right post-purchase metrics, you can make intelligent, data-driven business decisions to increase customer loyalty. We outline what those metrics are in this eBook.

Download our eBook and learn how to measure your impact using the following metrics:

  1. WISMO volume and costs. “Where is my order?” inquiries can tell you how well you’re setting expectations around deliveries.
  2. Post-purchase engagement. How are customers reconnecting with your brand after they buy something?
  3. Customer feedback ratings. What’s one of the best ways to understand what your customers are thinking? Just ask them!
  4. Repeat purchases. Figure out what brings customers back to purchase again and again.
  5. Notification opt-ins.  Track how many of your customers are opting in through emerging or evolving channels like text, messenger apps, and voice.
  6. Customer lifetime value. Predict how much revenue your organization would generate from a customer should he or she remain loyal till the very end.

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