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The post-purchase hierarchy of needs

The post-purchase hierarchy of needs

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Online retail is faced with the challenge that today's customers are less loyal than in the past

So, what should online merchants do to encourage repeat sales and drive customer loyalty?

Narvar commissioned an independent study of 2,000 online shoppers in the UK to uncover the moments that matter most. The Post-Purchase Hierarchy of Needs identified in the report provide retailers and brands with a roadmap to creating a rewarding and engaging journey that extends beyond the ‘buy’ button.

This falls into four broad categories:

  1. Communication: Consumers show a preference towards retailers and brands that have delivered exceptional and proactive communications.
  2. Choice: Delivery flexibility is a key component for consumers considering repeat-purchases.
  3. Control: Consumers want to have their preferences respected and they will be loyal to retailers and brands that allow them to change their mind at the last minute.
  4. Connection: Recognition that consumers customers today want a strong emotional connection with their favourite brands and retailers, who should be providing immersive experiences at scale.

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