Resource Library- The State of Post-purchase Experience

The State of Post-purchase Experience

The State of Post-purchase Experience

How to get the post-purchase experience right and build customer loyalty.

Narvar wanted to hear directly from consumers about what retailers should be doing to reduce anxiety and foster loyalty in the post-purchase shopping experience. So we surveyed 1000 U.S. online shoppers between the ages of 18-65 right before the peak holiday shopping season. Download our eBook to discover insights about how to make post-purchase better for your customers.

Here's what we learned:

  1. Consumers will choose a retailer who acts proactively in the event of a delivery problem. It's the number one thing that will get a customer to choose one retailer over another.
  2. It's critical that retailers mirror the in-store experience across online and mobile touchpoints. This is especially true during the holidays.
  3. Customers want an emotional connection, but are left cold after a transaction. Consumers want to feel cared for and appreciated in exchange for giving retailers their business.
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