Resource Library- The Ultimate Guide to Retail Returns Software

The Ultimate Guide to Retail Returns Software

The Ultimate Guide to Retail Returns Software


Here’s how you benefit from taking 15-minutes to review this guide… 

1. Returns are a money pit

Returns take a heavy toll on your bottom line. Your returns solution needs to deliver measurable cost savings right away. This guide illustrates what features your returns software needs to provide in order to cut costs, grow revenue, and maximize profitability. 

2. Effortless returns lead to effortless sales

Did you know that 95% of shoppers who are satisfied with your returns process said they’ll buy again?—If you’re looking to amplify customer lifetime value, you’ll need to know what consumers expect from returns technology (and the returns experience in general) which is what the guide covers.

3. Better returns tech preserves precious revenue

Returns don’t need to be refunds—42% of customers will exchange their return at your store (rather than ask for a refund) if it’s easy and convenient (i.e., self-service portal). Helpful data points like this are littered throughout this guide. 

4. The right solution can cut return times by 25%

Every day a to-be-returned item remains out of inventory the chance of reselling it at full price drops—especially for items with a short shelf life (e.g., seasonal apparel). This guide discusses the returns solution features that compel customers to return products in less time (as much as 25% faster), which improves your ability to restock, resell, and retain revenue.  

5. You will improve your returns process, guaranteed 

This guide covers everything you want to know, need to know, and should know about returns software. In doing so, it sheds light on both the do’s and dont’s of investing in returns-related technology. By knowing what to look for and what to avoid in a solution, you can’t help but improve your brand’s approach to returns. 

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