Need a return solution that reduces costs and recaptures revenue?

  • Narvar is trusted by 800+ retailers
  • Seamless integration with any eCommerce platform
  • Convert up to 35% of returns into exchanges
  • 75,000+ return drop-off locations
  • Printerless (QR Code) and boxless returns
  • Contactless in-store or curbside returns

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Returns don't have to mean lost sales. Narvar Return offers turnkey solutions to turn returns into profits.

Brands hope adding more return and pickup locations will boost sales by offering convenience and reduce the cost of shipping. It’s allowing [customers] to return our products at points they pass everyday.
Marc Rosen, President of Direct-to-Consumer

Join 800+ major retailers who trust Narvar with their post purchase experience.

Make returns a strategic differentiator by leveraging the world's most comprehensive return management solution.

Free consumers from frustrating experiences

Streamline a manual, time-consuming returns experience to offer your customers a convenient self-service return solution, complete with easy exchanges.

Choose from 75,000+ drop-off locations

Offer consumers the choice to return to 73,000 carrier locations and 8,600 Narvar Concierge locations such as Walgreens and Nordstrom.

Provide peace of mind with timely refund & delivery notifications

Give consumers peace of mind with timely return delivery and refunds processed messages via multiple-channels: Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Line.

No printers required!

Consumers can return by mail with QR codes or print labels. Their choice.

Return in-store or curbside while staying contactless

Offer assisted or contactless returns in-store or curbside with Narvar’s store-based returns option.

Find out how Narvar Return can turn your returns into profits.

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Set winning return policies, informed by intelligence. Plus recapture revenue and reduce operational costs.

Stay ahead with actionable insights

Improve product quality and stay ahead of your competitors via actionable analytics with our return management software. Benchmark your performance against Narvar’s client base of 800+ retail brands.

Create flexible return rules

One size does not fit all. Deploy tailored returns flows, policies, and fees for different products or customer segments to offer a differentiated experience.

Save logistics costs and optimize inventory

Save logistics costs by dynamically dispositioning returns to multiple return locations such as warehouses or dropshippers.

Convert up to 35% of returns into exchanges

Retain revenue by providing product exchanges across any platform.

Find out how Narvar Return can turn your returns into profits.

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