Why the World’s Leading Brands Choose Narvar

How Narvar Compares

Narvar powers 1100+ brands to deliver the best consumer experiences and
transform post-purchase into a center of excellence in their business.

End-to-End Platform

The first and only platform that is more than a sum of solutions - it's a connected ecosystem of ecommerce innovation, synergies and expertise.


Predictive EDD, branded tracking and omnichannel marketing, real-time logistics analytics & predictive delay, automated online returns & exchanges.


point solutions

Global Expertise

Robust operations, integrations and partnerships across North America, EMEA and APAC.


regional presence

Works with any ecommerce platform, any carrier and across any channel.


Data & Intelligence

Breadth and depth of credible data intelligence derived from 1100+ brands across categories.


work with limited brands

AI and ML powered by billions of customer interactions annually.


Any Size of Business

Scale, security, and compliance combined with agility, automation and collaboration - suitable for enterprise, mid-market and small business.


serve specific segments

High touch onboarding and product usage experience curated for brands.


Unparalleled Configurability

Easy toggling of features and personalization of day-to-day usage via one central hub.


limited configurability

Seamless transition across products. Self-serve and flexible across varying needs of ecommerce, logistics and customer teams.


requires frequent support

Built to grow with you

Whether you are an up and coming direct-to-consumer brand or a multi-national powerhouse, Narvar is ready for you.

Any Carrier

300+ carriers supported worldwide

Any Platform

50+ pre-built integrations as well as custom APIs

Any Channel

Support any mix of digital and in-store models

Sony Playstation Logo
“The Narvar platform has helped Sony PlayStation improve efficiencies while delivering engaging customer experiences throughout the post-purchase journey. We have total visibility into what’s going on with our packages and can manage exceptions proactively. Keeping our delivery promise is key to the brand and Narvar has been a true partner in helping us achieve that.’’
Rahil Desai, Sony PlayStation

How Narvar Returns Compares

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