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Why you’ll profit with Narvar

Why you’ll profit with Narvar

More Than a Point Solution

Unlike Returnly, Narvar is not a point-solution—it’s the retail industry’s only end-to-end post-purchase platform.

Stop constraining your company’s efficiency by partnering with different vendors for returns, order tracking, messaging, analytics, and more. Cut costs and improve performance with a partner capable of providing everything you need to deliver an exceptional post-purchase experience.

An Elite Returns Experience

Customer loyalty soars when you switch from Returnly to Narvar because shoppers fall in love with our focus on unparalleled convenience.

Narvar offers a wide array of frictionless return methods, including boxless, printerless, and home pickup returns. Enjoy access to the largest drop-off network in the United States, with more than 200,000 return locations spread across Walgreens, CVS, Simon Malls, Kohl’s, and more. Need to facilitate an exchange?—No problem. Narvar allows for exchanges (even and uneven), gift cards, and instant store credit.

Customer Support You Can Count On

Returnly isn’t known for providing exceptional customer service and support—Narvar is.

In addition to receiving your own dedicated customer success manager, you’ll also gain access to a premium global support network that operates 24/7/365 when you partner with Narvar. Why do we offer so much in the way of support and service?—Because taking exceptional care of our retail partners isn’t just good business, it’s the right thing to do as well.

Experience what makes Narvar better than Returnly

Revenue Retention

Automated even and uneven exchanges

Exchanges in Returnly are manual

Instant credit

Convenient drop-off locations

200,000+ physical locations globally

Limited to carrier locations in the US

Scheduled home pickup for returns

Returns journey communication

Drive Down Operational Costs

Outbound order tracking and communication

Granular return policies and fees based on any customer or order attribute

Customizable rules across your customers

Fixed policies

Dynamic rules for return routing to multiple locations

Shipment consolidation

Returns fraud prevention

“Keep the item” intelligence

Flat fixed yearly fee

Billed monthly and takes commission on each return

Increase CLTV

Personalized returns experience

Dynamic returns tracking based on customer segment and shipment status

Static tracking landing page

Achieve post-purchase excellence.

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“At Wolf & Shepherd, we’re committed to building customer trust. Narvar's ease of use and reliability make it an important tool for us. We look forward to continuing to scale and grow our business with Narvar’s support.”
Karen Novotny, Director of Operations at Wolf & Shepherd

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