Dear Santa, please help me

After nearly three years of out-of-stock notices, short-staffing, and price-tag fluctuations, consumer willingness to try new brands is exploding which is why improving shopper loyalty is something on everyone’s list this year.

An underwhelming post-purchase experience is just another reason for customers to abandon your brand. Conversely, an exceptional post-purchase experience can cement the happiness of customers and keep them loyal to your brand.


Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you set clear expectations tonight?

Clear expectations reduce cart abandonment—full stop.

Ensure estimated delivery day accuracy and tell customers when they can expect their packages by being transparent before they go to checkout (i.e., on product detail pages).

Behind the scenes, update distribution center working hours, modify order cutoff times, and adjust packing days to ensure timely holiday delivery for your customers, even in the face of ongoing supply chain disruption.


Deck the halls with delivery instructions fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

Today's shopper wants to control all aspects of the customer journey—including delivery.

Empower customers by allowing them to leave their own delivery instructions for your fulfillment partners—including pre-authorization for packages that require a signature—to ensure expectations are always met.


Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, personalization is glistening

Personalization is at the heart of lifetime value. Offer unique, individualized experiences built using customer data to increase lifetime value.

Tailor different rules (return policies, fees, final-sale rules, etc.) for different shoppers. Be stricter with first-time buyers and highly flexible with your high-value VIPs.


It came upon a midnight clear,that glorious item-level visibility

Giving customers item-level visibility into their order status in the midst of such an unsteady fulfillment environment is difficult, but not impossible.

Use proactive communication and dynamic status updates to keep your shoppers “in the know” post-purchase. Send instant alerts any time a purchase arrives on the customer’s doorstep, or is ready for pickup, be it in-store or curbside.


Oh what fun it is to ride, in complete convenience tonight

Take the friction (and procrastination) out of the returns experience by letting customers drop off their “givebacks” at one of your stores or at a convenient, third-party location.

Go a step further by offering home pickup, allowing your customers to return products without getting off the couch.  In the process, you’ll decreased dead inventory time and get merchandise back on the shelves in less time.


of customers who are satisfied with the returns process said they’ll purchase with the retailer again.