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Drive loyalty and reduce time to return by offering your customers return pickups from the comfort of their home.

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Convenient returns on your customers’ terms

Sky high net
promoter scores

Brands that use Home Pickup see NPS scores as high as a perfect 100!

Items are returned
40% faster

Home Pickup results in faster time to receive items to the warehouse.

Works out
the box

Home Pickup works with all major US carriers and is available turnkey with no integration or deployment work needed.

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We schedule

a next day
courier pickup

Courier picks
up return from 
consumers’ home

Return is

dropped off at
a carrier location

We insure each return from
 pickup to drop off

Narvar Home Pickup Customer Experience

Let your
customers choose

Consumers can choose to schedule home pickups at the end of their return experience.

Restock and
refund faster

Home Pickup reduces time to return by 40%, letting you issue refunds and restock inventory faster.

Narvar Home Pickup Email Confirmation

Home Pickup Basics

How does Home Pickup work?


Home Pickup is an add-on feature that allows a consumer to schedule a courier pickup at the end of their return experience for a small fee. The consumer will print their label and pack their items and hand them to the courier. The courier will drop off the items with the carrier who ships them to your fulfillment center.

Are we eligible for Home Pickup?


Home Pickup will be provided to US Narvar customers who offer the “By Mail” return method and use one of the following carriers: UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Newgistics.

Where is Home Pickup available?


Home Pickup is currently available in 9 metropolitan areas currently supporting Home Pickup

Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Newark, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia

Which of our consumers can schedule pickups?


Consumers must be located in zip codes where our couriers are operating and they must also use the “By Mail” return method to schedule a pickup. “By Mail” is required because our couriers are not able to print shipping labels at this time.

How Home Pickup Works

How much is the pickup?


Narvar’s Home Pickup is no-cost service to the retailer. 

Each individual package pickup is a single $6.95 convenience fee (in addition to any existing return fees the consumer is already paying the retailer). This fee is non-refundable except for cases where the courier failed to pick up the package. Consumers cannot consolidate returns from multiple retailers into a single pickup.

When will the pickups take place?


Pickups will take place on the date scheduled by the consumer. The courier will pick up the packaged return items at any time between 9AM and 4PM. The consumer is not required to hand their package to the courier in person.

What does communication to consumers look like?


Once the consumer has scheduled their pickup, they will receive a confirmation email summarizing the time and place of the pickup.

What are the size and weight limitations for the pickup?


The consumer's return package should be less than 10 lbs and smaller than 18 inches. Smaller items such as apparel, shoes, and accessories will typically qualify, but larger items like appliances and furniture will not be accepted. The courier may decline to accept packages that do not qualify.

Can a consumer cancel the pickup?


No, a pickup cannot be canceled. Pickups can be rescheduled by Narvar if the user emails narvar_returns@narvar.com. If the consumer cannot make the pickup time, they can drop off their package and label at a nearby carrier location for no additional charge.

Will I be able to view analytics about the program?


Narvar will capture general metrics about volume, success rates, issue rates, and completion. At this time, these will not be displayed in our Analytics dashboard but can be made available in designated reports on special request.

Can I cover or share the cost for my consumers?


Not at the moment, but this is something we are actively exploring. If you are interested in subsidizing the cost of Home Pickup for your consumers please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Am I able to customize the user experience?


At this time, the Home Pickup consumer-facing experience cannot be customized.

Support & Claims

What kinds of issues happen and who is liable?


We expect issues to be few and far between. In the 6-month Pickup pilot earlier this year, we had a complaint rate of 1.3% and 0 loss or damage claims. However, we do have the following procedures for issues.

If the courier arrives and the package cannot be found—or is not properly packed and labeled—the courier will leave and the user cannot receive a refund for the pickup convenience fee.

If the courier does not arrive within the pickup window, consumers can email us at Narvar_Returns@narvar.com and we will refund them the pickup convenience fee.

If loss or damage occurs after the package has been picked up, the consumer should contact the retailer’s customer care team who will file a claim. After a claims investigation with the Courier, Narvar will reimburse the retailer accordingly. 

What does the consumer do if there is an issue?


If there is an issue during the Home Pickup process, consumers can email Narvar_Returns@narvar.com and we will respond within 48 hours.

What happens if I want to remove this feature during Holiday?


If you need to temporarily opt-out of Home Pickup, please contact your Customer Success Manager.