Narvar Return & Exchange

The ultimate in returns convenience

Seamless online returns that go the furthest for consumers with a choice of at-home pickup or easy drop-off at 200,000+ locations - no boxes, no labels, no hassles.

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Give consumers the best
returns experience they’ve ever had

Give consumers the best returns experience they’ve ever had

Branded online returns & exchanges

Let consumers return or exchange products in just a few clicks via an online branded returns portal.

200,000+ nearby drop-off locations

Consumers can always drop-off to a nearby location. Extend your network to 200,000+ carrier locations, malls, pharmacies, and retail stores.

Convenient home pickups

Provide consumers the option to schedule their return pickup right from their home.

Proactive refund notifications

Reduce consumer anxiety and inquiries with timely refund notifications and status updates via Email, SMS, WhatsApp or Line

Red carpet experience for VIPs

Set distinct returns flows, policies & fees for different customer segments (high-value vs first-time) or product categories to offer a tailored returns experience.

Free consumers from frustrating experiences

No more offline, time-consuming returns. Deliver a self-service, online experience that builds consumer loyalty.

Choose from 200,000+ drop-off locations

Offer consumers the choice to return to 200,000+ carrier and retail locations such as The UPS Store, Fedex, Walgreens, Nordstrom and Simon Malls.

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Provide peace of mind with timely refund notifications

Give consumers peace of mind with timely refunds notifications via multiple-channels: Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Line.

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Simplify the returns experience

Consumers can initiate returns for pickup from the comfort of their home or return to a nearby location without the hassle of boxes or printing labels.

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Supercharge your returns and exchanges experience on Shopify

Purpose-built for Shopify merchants looking to retain more revenue. Shoppers win thanks to an array of flexible return and exchange options—merchants win by seeing refund requests transform into exchanges.

Advanced return rules for faster value recovery

Accept returns from any channel, and set complex rules to recapture revenue and save costs.

Stay ahead with actionable insights

Improve product quality and stay ahead of your competitors via actionable analytics. Benchmark your performance against Narvar’s client base of 650+ retail brands.

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Create flexible return rules

One size does not fit all. Deploy tailored returns flows, policies, and fees for different products or customer segments to offer a differentiated experience.

Recapture revenue with seamless exchanges

Retain revenue by providing product exchanges on any platform  and recapture up to 35% in revenue.

Power returns from any channel

Online Purchases

Make it easy for customers to return and exchange items bought online, and give them the most options. Establish and manage return granular policies that set you apart.

Store Purchases

Give customers the choice to return store-bought items online, making it convenient for them to initiate returns from home.

Wholesale Purchases

Clear the way for simple wholesale and marketplace returns. Now, clients have one seamless and integrated platform to return multiple items across SKUs and sizes.

Expand your footprint
with the largest reverse logistics network

Narvar's expansive global network allows you to serve large markets with the cost savings and confidence of proven logistics capabilities that scale.

Globally managed carrier network

A global logistics network of over 200,000 drop-off points via 300+ carriers, managed for you– every step of the way.

Connect any system to Narvar

You are never locked in. We support any Order, Warehouse, or transportation Management System that you use now or in the future.

Faster refunds, lower shipping costs

In-country package aggregation helps you provide faster refunds. Intelligent dispositioning and freight consolidation lower shipping costs further.

Recover more value with sophisticated item processing

Advanced reverse logistics software in every distribution center helps in item grading, sorting, and routing for faster restocking, recycling, and reselling..