Returns without concern.

No packaging? No printer? No problem. Narvar Lockers let you drop off online shopping returns without any hassle.

Narvar Lockers let you easily return items purchased online from select brands at no extra cost and at your convenience.

Here’s how Narvar Lockers work
Initiate your return online. Select “drop off at locker'' as your return method. Next, choose a location and hit submit.
You will receive a return QR code via email. When you’re ready, head to the locker you selected with the item.
Tap on the screen at the lockers, scan your QR code and drop-off the item in the open locker. Shut the locker and you’re all set!

Participating brands

Find a locker near me

Jersey City, New Jersey
  • 88 Morgan St
    8 AM - 11 PM
  • 70 Hudson St
    8 AM - 11 PM
  • 811 Clinton St
    8 AM - 11 PM
Manhattan, New York
  • 200 West End Ave
    7 AM - 12 AM
  • 743 Amsterdam Ave
    7 AM - 10 PM
  • 2833 Broadway
    8 AM - 10 PM
Brooklyn, New York
  • 341 9th St
    Open 24 hours
  • 156 Henry St
    8AM - 10 PM
  • 218 Myrtle Ave
    8 AM - 9 PM

Narvar Locker basics

Problem with your Narvar Locker return? Contact customer service.

What kind of items can be dropped off at a Narvar Locker?


Small to medium sized items such as shoes, bags, apparel etc. can be returned through lockers. If your item is large, such as a piece of furniture or sporting equipment, we encourage you to select an alternate return method. 

How much does using a locker cost?


There is no additional cost to using a Narvar locker. 

Are the lockers accessible? 


Yes, you can select a lower locker if that’s easier. 

Getting ready for my locker drop-off

Do I have to package the item and print a label?


NO! Returning items to a Narvar locker saves you the time and cost of packaging and printing labels. 

How long do I have to return my item once I get the locker return code?


You have until the end of the return window the brand provided for your purchase. If your locker return code expires, please re-initiate the return online to get a new code. 

Can I track my return? 


Yes, your return can be tracked and you will be notified when your refund is processed. 

When will I get my refund? 


You will receive your refund once the retailer has received the items and processed your payment. 

My items are expensive, will they be protected? 


Narvar lockers are a safe and secure way of returning items. We work directly with brands to guarantee that items returned by customers are received safely at the retail warehouse for processing and refund. 

Can I drop off my return to a different locker location than the one I selected? 


You may drop-off your return at any Narvar locker with the barcode provided. We do our best to keep spare lockers. However, there’s a chance the lockers may get full! 

Can I combine another return with my locker return? 


Unfortunately not. We only allow one locker per return transaction. The transaction itself can have multiple items. 

Help with my locker drop-off

What if my item doesn’t fit in the locker? 


There are 3 locker sizes for you to choose from. If your items do not fit into any of the available lockers, you can always ship your items back to the retailer instead. Use the “View Code” link on your Locker Return Code page from your return email to access the shipping label.

Does the locker return code expire?


The locker return code is valid for 30 days. However, we encourage you to return the item within 72 hours of receiving the code. This will ensure that the spot reserved for you is still available. 

Can I change my mind and mail the return instead? 


Yes, if you would like to mail your return, please use the “View Code” link on your Locker Return Code page from your return email to access your shipping label.

I had a problem with my locker return. What should I do?


Please contact customer service at