Narvar for 

Direct Sales

Give your direct sales consultants the tools they need to build trust and keep consumers coming back.


  • Build trust and confidence across the post-purchase journey

  • Enable consultants with timely order information

  • Support consumers while reducing customer service costs

For brands

Leverage Narvar's expertise serving 1,200+ top retail brands. Power the complete post-purchase journey and offer order communications, tracking, and online returns both for consultants and customers.

For consultants

Use Narvar to build customer loyalty. Narvar offers complete visibility into order fulfillment, shipping, and returns. Manage complex multi-item transactions from a seamless online interface.

For consumers

Give customers the best experience possible. Always keep them informed about their orders, recommend new products, and offer convenient return options with access to 200,000+ return locations, without needing to print a shipping label.

Trusted by the best

How Narvar works for consultants and consumers alike

Offer complete visibility

When consultants have visibility into shipments, they can follow up with consumers the day their order is delivered and even recommend additional products on the spot.

Consumers get real-time branded updates about an anticipated delivery — another opportunity to interact with your brand.


of shoppers
75% of shoppers expect proactive communication about their purchases.

Turn anticipation into engagement

Create elegant, branded tracking pages that give consultants a daily digest into the status of their orders and let consumers see when their own orders will arrive.

Branded tracking pages offer an additional conversion channel. Consumers can shop personalized recommendations and share their purchases on social media — all while checking the status of their orders online.


click-through rate
Marketing assets on the tracking page have an average 10-20% click-through rate.

Convert returns into sales

Generate brand loyalty by allowing consultants and consumers to start their own returns online. Offer the widest selection of return methods with access to Narvar's network of 200,000+ returns locations, and no need to print a shipping label.

Set differentiated return policies for distributors and shoppers to cater to their unique needs. Leverage returns analytics to improve your product and operations.


of shoppers
76% of shoppers say they would give repeat business to a retailer that makes the return process simple.

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