Embracing the Future of Retail with Narvar Promise

Technological advancements are changing and upleveling consumer expectations faster than ever before. To stay ahead, retailers must not just meet expectations, but surpass them. I’ve worked in retail for 20 years, most recently at Gap Inc, where we prided ourselves in deeply understanding consumers' challenges, needs and desires. It is no different here at Narvar where I work alongside multiple retail veterans who are passionate about developing consumer-centric solutions. After all, shopping should be fun, not anxiety-inducing.

How are you relieving your consumer’s shopping anxiety and introducing moments of delight? 
How are you embracing AI to surpass expectations?

The latest advancements in our Narvar Promise product are both consumer-centric and business outcome-oriented. I’m thrilled with our latest advancements in AI and machine learning in this release.

In my tenure in retail, I've witnessed the critical role that accurate estimated delivery dates (EDDs) play in building trust with customers and getting immediate conversion lifts. But it is not all about accuracy.

The industry is awash with solutions that tout the importance of precise EDDs for enhancing customer satisfaction. However, the true measure of success for retailers extends far beyond mere accuracy; it encompasses revenue growth, customer lifetime value, and personalized outcomes for cost optimization. It's here, at this intersection of accuracy and business impact, that Narvar Promise stands apart.

For example, one retailer might want to take a 1% hit on accuracy to drive higher immediate conversion. Another might wish to be more conservative and optimize for CLTV or WiSMO calls. In our Promise Product, retailers have full control and can be confident that they’re making the right decisions.

As the market leader in post-purchase, Narvar’s data network is unique. Over the past year, our team has built world-class machine learning models on top of this data which now power Promise. These advancements have, yes, refined EDD accuracy (to 95%, no less) but they do much more than that. They give retailers control to drive particular business outcomes, using accuracy as one of many levers. Our approach is twofold: enhancing the consumer experience while driving tangible business results. What’s more, we provide ROI performance dashboards that allow you to analyze results in real time.

So, my retail friends ask me all the time, Why Narvar Promise? Why not another EDD solution?

Because Narvar’s Promise is much more than just an EDD! In fact EDD is only the beginning of what machine learning models can do. Promise is a comprehensive solution that really creates confidence for your customers pre-purchase across touchpoints. We will be adding more Promise capabilities as we learn. Right now I tell all my friends that :

  1. We’ll definitely increase conversion (up to 4%!) and create more loyal customers. 
  2. Unlike the competition, there is zero setup nor ongoing maintenance of basic rules, but plenty of dashboards to help you measure success and hone your results.
  3. Our accuracy can meet or beat any other claim (95%) with intelligence from three distinct machine learning models (Origin Prediction, Fulfillment Duration, and Time in Transit).

The Power of Narvar Promise for Your Business

At Narvar, we understand that the true marker of success for retailers isn't just about how accurate you were in predicting delivery dates. It's about how those predictions translate into revenue, CLTV, and NPS. Narvar Promise is designed to be a game-changer for your business, enabling you to leverage the post-purchase experience as a strategic advantage.

Heidi Isern

VP of Experience at Narvar

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