5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Branded Tracking Experience

If you’ve swapped the carrier tracking experience for your own branded one, then you’ve seen the benefits of putting the control of the customer’s post-purchase experience back into your business’ hands.

Once you have that control, however, the question becomes, What do you do with it?There are a variety of ways to take advantage of an on-brand tracking page and keep your customers engaged with you.

Best case, you can bring customers back to make another purchase (and mind you—this is right after they’ve already made a purchase and are checking on the status of that order). But there are certainly other roads brands and retailers can take to keep themselves top of mind and inspire more lasting loyalty.Below, we highlight five ways you can use branded marketing assets to get the most out of your order tracking experience.

Promote your products.

This is of course the most obvious way to utilize your marketing assets. From new arrivals to seasonal sales, there’s always merchandise to showcase, and a branded tracking experience opens up a whole new advertising channel for you to surface these products in creative and attractive ways.

If you’re sending customers to the carrier’s tracking page, not only are you losing control over their post-purchase experience, you’re also missing out on a huge opportunity to increase conversions by resiphoning customers back to your website.

Get more eyeballs on your content.

Do you regularly update your blog with awesome content? You can utilize your marketing asset placements to send customers there directly from the order tracking page, or, if you’d rather keep them more engaged on a regular cadence, encourage them sign up to receive your content roundup newsletters in their inboxes every day, week, or month.

For example, MM.LaFleur uses its tracking page to promote its digital magazine, The M Dash. Says the MM’s Manager of Strategic Operations Initiatives of the experience, “For our customer, it’s a cleaner experience. She can access everything she needs, all in one place.”

Gain more social media followers.

Twitter and Snapchat and Insta, oh my! More and more social channels keep popping up as the years fly by, and brands not only have to learn how to use them properly, they have to get people to follow them if they want to see success.

Your tracking page opens up a great new channel for gaining followers on any number of social platforms—because this touchpoint sees a pretty good amount of traffic (customers click through to the tracking page an average of 3 times per online order), you’re sure to get plenty of customer eyeballs on your social calls-to-action.

Encourage customers to refer their friends.

Turn your customers into brand advocates by making it easy to refer friends to your brand. Whether you offer an advocate discount or free gift with the next purchase, your tracking page is a great place to advertise your referral program.

For a first-hand look at what we’re talking about, check out how BarkBox prominently features its ‘Refer Your Friends’ CTA on its tracking experience (we’re sure the super cute puppy photos don’t hurt with referral conversions, either).

Barkbox Narvar tracking page

Barkbox encourages referrals on their shipment tracking page[/caption]

Get creative!

You should feel free to get as creative and experimental with your marketing assets as you want, tailoring them to align with your specific business’ goals and initiatives. Whether that’s taking customers to a virtual dressing or showroom, letting customers learn more about unique-to-your-brand services, or getting customers to sign up for an omnichannel loyalty program, the world is your oyster when it comes to creating calls-to-action within your tracking experience.

There are myriad ways to take advantage of a branded tracking page to keep your customers both informed and engaged—the choice is completely up to you. Whatever you decide, the benefits of keeping customers within a branded experience can add up exponentially and leave your whole team reaping the rewards. For more examples of how to use marketing assets within a branded tracking experiences, be sure to check out our our diverse collection of customer stories.

Claire Johnson

Claire is a Sr. Customer Marketing Manager at Narvar, originally starting with us in Customer Success. She enjoys sharing her knowledge from working directly with our brands coupled with the ever-changing ecommerce landscape.

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