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How to Improve CSAT Scores in Call Centers Using Post-Purchase

Customer satisfaction—as measured by CSAT—is a key indicator of success in any business. To help foster positive customer relationships (and improve CSAT scores at the same time), online retailers lean heavily on their call centers and customer service representatives. However, there’s an even better way for online retailers to improve their CSAT scores in call centers and it has nothing to do with the reps answering the phone. By investing in post-purchase technology (specifically, order-tracking technology) online retailers can reduce “Where is my order?” (WISMO) inquiries, which leads to fewer customer service calls and higher CSAT scores.  

What post-purchase does to improve CSAT scores in call centers 

Post-purchase solutions such as Narvar Track ensure that customers get the product they ordered in a timely manner and with minimal effort. It makes it easier for online retailers to deliver engaging, on-brand post-purchase order tracking experiences that drive revenue, reduce WISMO calls, and build loyalty.

By reducing WISMO inquiries specifically, online retailers not only lower their operational costs, but they cultivate a happier consumer base—shoppers love not needing to contact a customer service agent to get information about their order. 

For example, businesses can invest in automated order tracking systems that send out proactive notifications when orders are picked, packed, shipped, delivered, delayed, and more—complete with accurate estimated delivery dates too. When customers can track their orders with ease from their smartphone or laptop, they’re more likely to leave positive reviews and improve CSAT scores.  

This is especially valuable as it pertains to delays. The sooner customers are notified, the faster they can take action and adjust their plans accordingly, which is a much better customer service experience when compared to waiting for someone at a call center. 

Reducing abandoned calls 

Another benefit of investing in post-purchase technology is reducing abandoned calls due to long wait times at customer service call centers. Frustration with long lines or wait times at customer service call centers is a huge driver of lower CSAT scores. Worse still?—Lethargic customer service fuels churn. 

When customers know they can easily track their orders without having to wait on hold or speak with an agent directly, they are much more likely to stay engaged with a retailer throughout the purchase process. This extended engagement improves CSAT scores over time. But, more importantly, it fuels loyalty—something that’s exceptionally important with the rising cost of customer acquisition for online retailers. 

In sum…

Incorporating post-purchase technology into your ecommerce business model is essential for improving your customer's overall experience with your brand. Most notably, investing in post-purchase tools will reduce WISMO inquiries to your call center and abandoned calls due long wait times during peak hours. Additionally, by providing customers with an easy way to track their orders from start to finish (without having to contact a representative directly), you can ensure that their order-related inquiries are answered quickly.

When you make investments in post-purchase technology, you show your customers that you value them—that you want them to enjoy the shopping experience from start to finish, and stay a customer for life. This type of commitment to the customer is exactly what’s needed to pump the air back into deflated CSAT scores in call centers. 

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