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Narvar and Netsuite Integration for Returns

As retail businesses build in complexity, it’s important for their software providers to work well together. For example, if you rely on Netsuite as your enterprise resource planning system, you’ll want to make sure that any other tools you leverage offer a seamless Netsuite integration. With ecommerce order volume (and, ultimately, returns) skyrocketing as a result of a greater reliance on at-home shopping, it’s critically important for a business’ returns solution to have this seamless connection. 

The importance of returns 

With the rapid growth of ecommerce (18% year-over-year) in the post-pandemic retail landscape, returns management has become ever more important. Returns are no longer just about a consumer sending back an unwanted item, they are often the primary way the consumer tries a set of items and keeps the ones she wants - a practice called bracketing that has increased by 50% over the past year. 

Returns also matter for retention. A third of repeat consumers who have a difficult returns experience with a brand will not shop with the brand again. Brands recognize this shift and are fast implementing end-to-end returns platforms like Narvar Return to deliver great consumer experiences, while continuing to mitigate the otherwise high costs associated with returns through granular policy setting around returns and refunds. 

The opportunity of returns automation with the Narvar Netsuite integration

Most growing ecommerce brands use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems such as Netsuite to centralize and automate key “back office” business processes such as inventory management, financial accounting, returns and refunds processing. At the same time, customer-facing transactions are handled by an ecommerce platform such as Shopify Plus. For seamless ecommerce operations, both systems are integrated in real-time.

Forward-thinking brands are focused on the returns consumer experience and invest in Narvar Return to deliver a personalized experience while retaining comprehensive controls on return policies and fees. Narvar Return works natively with Shopify Plus as an installable app.

But using Narvar Returns on Shopify while retaining full automation with Netsuite requires moving return authorization and approval steps onto the Narvar platform — which is now easily accomplished with a seamless integration to Netsuite.

Unlocking the power of integrated systems

Most brands find that this integration is easily done via modern iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that offer a low-code environment to make this easy. 

At Narvar, we recognize that brands may still want to rely on Narvar’s expertise to ensure a seamless integration. We are happy to announce that we now also offer a Celigo and Netsuite connector as well as Narvar integration services - making it super easy for brands to have both the internal process automation with Netsuite and superior control of returns rules with Narvar. 

With this integration, key fields such as Item Name, Quantity, Tracking Number, Currency are synced between Narvar and Netsuite enabling the automatic creation of RMA record in Netsuite when returns are initiated in Narvar. Furthermore, upon approval of returns within Narvar, refund processes are initiated within Shopify and the refund record is synced to Netsuite — ensuring a seamless returns process.

Narvar Netsuite Integration Example

Helping retailers streamline their operations

Retailers working at scale appreciate this comprehensive solution to pull these key systems together. In the words of one of our clients, “We have thousands of RMAs every week - that makes full automation through integrations mandatory. 

And we wanted to create our own set of rules on what can and can’t be returned, and how we handle the refund and inventory. 

We’re excited about this Narvar Netsuite integration because it gives us both full Netsuite automation and full control of the experience via Narvar’s rules engine.”

To learn more about Narvar Return and our integration options to your ERP, please contact

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