The Product Details Customers Want On Your Website

In the “in an instant” world we live in today, consumers expect to find and buy products quickly. So fast that most shoppers only stick around on a website for less than a minute. Speedy shopping has shown no signs of slowing down, putting pressure on retailers to design product pages that are both simple to read and inclusive of all the information shoppers want to see. But, what do shoppers want to see?

Customers seek product details.

Retailers that offer great product descriptions (think Finish Line, DSW) not only see more purchases and lower bounce rates, but also help create more loyal customers. Second to Estimated Delivery Date (EDD), highly visible product information is the most sought after feature that customers look for on a retailer’s website.

Consumer Technographics® North American Retail And Travel Benchmark Recontact 1 Survey, 2018 (US)Product information includes everything from its description to the sizes and colors offered. There’s an art to this science though. Product descriptions that sound less like an ad for the item are most helpful. Giving customers a clear understanding of what the product is and how it should be used or worn makes a much better impression than overstating its greatness.

Let product reviews speak for themselves.

More than 85% of consumers look at product reviews before making a purchase. Also, consumers view retailers that prominently display product reviews (even the negative kind) as more credible.  Product review formatting matters too. They should be easily scannable so consumers can make a quicker decision. A clear headline, bullet points, and good spacing go a long way.

Get serious about product images.

Over half of online shoppers think product images are more important than product descriptions and reviews. These different features have the ability to make or break a sale. Customers want to know as much as they can about a product before buying it, so add high-quality, detailed photos to your product pages. Providing different angles and colors can really inspire your customers to click the buy button. Varying product shots also helps customers find the right size, and potentially helps reduce the likelihood of a return. Secure bonus points with interactivity, such as a 360° product view that allows shoppers to see every angle in one swift motion. Additionally, allowing customers to zoom in close on a product can give them a better sense of the quality of material. By having a clear and complete list of product information, retailers can ensure that their website is helping them with both conversions and customer loyalty.To learn more about the different features shaping the future of retail, watch our webinar, Trends Shaping the Future of Retail Customer Communications.

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