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What “Remote-First” Means and Why You Should Care

Great work comes from great people, regardless of where they are. For that reason, Narvar is committed to being a remote-first company with a global, distributed workforce.

In this blog, we’ll explore what “remote-first” means at Narvar, how employees (a.k.a. Narvarians) feel about working from wherever, and what you should know before you join our growing team.

Remote-first is about creating the best work environment for YOU

Narvarians are encouraged to create an at-home environment that maximizes productivity and creativity. 

To that end, Narvar supports employees by offering:

  • Home office stipends

To support the productivity of our employees working remotely, Narvar provides an initial home office stipend to new hires. This allows fledgling Narvarians to spruce up their workspace or upgrade their equipment, depending on personal needs or preferences. 

  • Monthly work-from-anywhere stipends 

Narvar also provides a monthly work-from-anywhere stipend to employees. This can be put towards ongoing home office expenses, workday snacks, or even the occasional desk rental at a coworking facility.

  • Coworking pass alternatives

For some Narvarians, working from home is not a great option. Instead of receiving their work-from-anywhere stipend each month, these Narvarians can be reimbursed for a monthly coworking pass instead. 

  • Emotional fitness classes

Narvarians are encouraged to sign up for complimentary emotional fitness classes. These classes aim to cultivate mental health by increasing self-awareness, resilience, and mindfulness. In doing so, they ultimately improve productivity and reduce the risk of burnout. 

  • A wellness resource library

Looking for a helpful assessment to identify how you’re spending your energy? Resources to combat stress? A tutorial on deep breathing while seated at your desk? Head on over to the Narvarian wellness resource library. 

  • Various employee assistance programs

Life happens, and when it does, Narvarians deserve a little extra support. For that reason, all employees (and their families) enjoy access to an Employee Assistance Plan that provides counseling services and other resources.

Narvarians get honest about remote-first work

"Working at home has given me time back on the weekends. I save 2 hours a day commuting so I can use that time to do the housecleaning stuff like staying up on laundry. My next goal is to get a workout and walk in daily. Plus I can go pick up the kids from daycare now and I get an hour back with them each day. It's awesome to get to spend more time with them and my husband."

- Allison Loy

"In addition to the typical answers (no commute, more time for workouts, mental health etc) the biggest benefit of working remotely has been seeing how much trust has been fostered (and continues to grow) within this distributed workforce. We have teams across the globe and we truly get sh*t done together, with the trust that we can do it the way it works best for us as individuals. More companies should take note of this - broken trust between colleagues and managers/direct reports can be the biggest stressor in your professional/personal life, so I’m grateful that we have seen so much success with our distributed model!!"

- Ellie Ronning

"The biggest win for me working remotely is time. Saving 2 hours each day allows me to see the kids before they head off to school and be able to pick them up in the afternoon. Priceless time I can't get it back."

- Vu Nguyen

"Working from home is the best for my work/life balance. I'm currently sitting cross-legged, wearing yoga pants, eating lunch at my desk that I just made, with my dogs next to me, and can hear my kids downstairs. I get way more done with fewer distractions and wasted time, and I don't have to pay for gas or parking!"

- Sara Richmond

"The extra control/flexibility with my schedule and the time I get back from a lack of commute has been an absolute game changer for my sleep and my overall health! I've also been able to spend more time with my dog, and we've been able to go on little walks throughout the day which is a benefit to us both. I've also been able to visit and support my family because I can work wherever!"

- Colin Walton

It’s not like we don’t hang out…

Slack is the digital headquarters of Narvar! It’s where we collaborate with teammates and get to know other Narvarians. In addition to team-related and regional channels, Narvarians connect with one another in fun channels such as:

  • #random
  • #plant_parent
  • #music-sharing
  • #narvar_pets
  • #good_books
  • #whatscooking
  • #thegreatoutdoors
  • #parents
  • #wellness
  • #wordle

Does Narvar seem like your kind of place?

We hope so!

If you think you've got what it takes to join our tight-knit team, check out our careers page ASAP.

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