5 Teams to Include When Building a Post-purchase Business Case

Alright—you’ve done a little research on the subject and come to the conclusion that your company could benefit from a post-purchase experience platform. You’re ready to start putting together a business case that you can then present to your executive team.

Great—Now what?

When hammering out a business case for a post-purchase experience platform, it’s important to get all of your ducks in a row so that you can be as clear as possible about how you expect to solve your company’s particular challenges. You should kick things off by getting buy-in from the various teams across the business that could be affected by a post-purchase solution.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of teams to consider as you work on building your case:


Your ecommerce team will be directly impacted by a post-purchase solution, so it’s important to get their buy-in early. They’ll be the ones to embed the code onto the website, so you’ll need to convince them it’ll be worth it for them as well in the end. T

hese guys are responsible for the overall purchase flow, including cross-sells, upsells, and basket sizes, so focus on how a post-purchase solution can help them improve and measure their KPIs.

Be sure to mention that it will likely improve initial conversations with a clearer estimated delivery date upfront and drive even more revenue by opening up a new traffic channel with branded tracking pages. It will also work to encourage more loyalty (and therefore repeat purchases) by providing customers with a straightforward, simple, and seamless returns experience.

Logistics/Supply Chain

Your logistics and folks will be impacted by a post-purchase solution because of their relationships with the carriers. They’ll want to know how the solution will integrate with carrier systems, and understand how their workloads might be impacted and their biggest challenges solved.

For example, shipping feedback can provide an understanding of our customer’s experience with carriers. Increased visibility to inbound returns will allow better labor planning at the distribution centers.

A back-end analytics solution could provide them with increased visibility into real time package volume with actionable data to improve decision making.

On top of that, it will provide the same tracking experience across multiple carriers, and eliminate the gap between ‘shipped’ and ‘scanned’ statuses, which will reduce confusion for customers.

Customer Service/Call Center

Get your customer service team excited about reducing WISMO calls and improving the allocation of resources.

A post-purchase solution can help make their jobs a lot easier by minimizing confusion around basic delivery and return inquiries, which will allow these guys to keep their focus on more urgent and higher-level customer service issues.


Marketers are constantly having to prove the ROI of their efforts.

A post-purchase solution that includes on-brand order tracking and returns offers an excellent new channel for your marketing team to put assets in front of more customers’ eyes, and then prove how those assets are performing by measuring click-throughs and conversion rates.

Find out how they’re currently measuring their efforts, and where they see areas for improvement when it comes to post-purchase.

Customer Experience

Beyond feedback-based NPS and CSAT scores, it can be difficult to measure how your customer experience influences your bottom line. Today, it’s more important than ever to provide experiences that keep customers coming back time and time again.

Customer experience teams are tasked with building consumer trust and loyalty, and one way to do that is with a seamless, branded post-purchase experience. Get their input to find out where exactly your brand could improve the experience it currently provides.

Once you’ve talked to and gotten buy-in from all of the above teams, you’ll be well on your way to developing a persuasive presentation.

For more about how to build a solid business case for a post-purchase experience solution, be sure to download our helpful, step-by-step eBook.

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