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5 Ways Trusted Brands Keep Customers Coming Back

Ecommerce is incredible. 

Unlike brick-and-mortar where customers hold the product they want in-hand before shelling out cash, ecommerce transactions take place in the ether—a picture, a product description, and a leap of faith. 

In other words, it requires a tremendous amount of trust on the part of consumers to make ecommerce work. If they don’t believe an ecommerce merchant will hold up their end of the bargain by delivering the goods promised, the business model doesn’t work. 

Therefore, every transaction an ecommerce retailer processes is a consumer-powered examination of its trustworthiness, where each “passing grade” strengthens lifetime loyalty. 

In this article, you’ll learn what you can do to keep shoppers confident and loyal the moment they click “buy” for the first time. 

Stay in touch  

Sending an order confirmation email is table stakes—but when you let customers know their items are on the way, engagement shoots up to 70%. Moreover, customers often click through to a track page so they can follow the journey through to delivery. 

Narvar built a Klaviyo integration that makes it simple for brands to notify customers of progress in real time by automating flows based on delivery journey triggers.

Get your story straight  

Whether your message is transactional or promotional, consistency of voice is a key component of winning consumer trust.  Shoppers want to know you're aware of their personal experience with your brand. With that in mind, how do you think it will look if they see a promotional email in their inbox  while they’re waiting on a delayed order?  

Klaviyo users avoid these awkward moments by using Narvar event triggers to filter out customers experiencing delays from being included in ill-timed promotional campaigns.

Ask for feedback  

Tailor messages based on what customers ordered and whether the delivery arrived as promised. 

  • Ask about fit or feel.
  • Offer support for product setup. 
  • Check whether fragile items showed up intact.
  • Be proactive in extending solutions for unforeseen issues (e.g., delays).
  • Remind customers of your return policy—that it’s in place to make sure they’re happy.  

Narvar provides enough detail on each transaction so emails from Klaviyo can be crafted to show customers that you care.

Return the favor  

If a customer is unhappy with their purchase, use this as  another opportunity to build trust. Consider…

  • Letting them keep the item
  • Offering store credit 
  • Providing a future discount
  • Allowing them to do an exchange

Brands that take advantage of Narvar’s Returns platform can use Klaviyo to show customers the most convenient return options available based on their shipping address—from boxless returns at nearby dropoff locations to home pickup.  Keep customers posted on the return journey just as you did for the initial delivery, and let them know the moment their refund is issued. 

Show them you remember  

Transaction history is an important component of a unified customer data platform.  One of the advantages to having closed loop insight into how customers engage with your brand is the personalization of future messaging.  

Make relevant product recommendations based on purchase history, and avoid pushing promotions featuring products that a customer just returned.  

One more thing…

Brands that demonstrate competency in post-purchase messaging maintain trust with shoppers. 

More importantly, these brands are more effective at luring customers into repeat purchases because their email content is shaped by the individual shopper’s post-purchase experience.  

Speaking to your customers with one voice is critical to building and maintaining trust. The Narvar Klaviyo integration helps brands boost customer LTV through timely, relevant conversations with customers before, during, and in-between transactions. 

Get started today.

Joyce Lee

Entrepreneurially minded business builder, passionate about incubating products and solving technical challenges. Adept in business development and project management across multiple domains.

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