We Start Here: Narvar Welcomes SF Design Week 2018

The Narvar Design team is excited to be part of the SF Design Week Studio Crawl on Friday, June 8. We’re opening up our new studio in the heart of FiDi, and celebrating with the rest of the design community over drinks and snacks.It’s important to us to participate in the larger design community. We’re in the heart of one of the most vibrant communities for product design and innovation — and there’s no better community for exchanging ideas and talking about the design challenges that we work with every day.

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Our team takes on a number of complex design challenges. As leaders in the post-purchase category, we aren’t just rethinking the way retailers communicate and engage with customers after they buy. We’re envisioning how to do this at scale. We support 400+ well-known brands, like Sephora, Patagonia, and Warby Parker. Our product design has to be robust and flexible enough to create a superior user experience for shoppers, while fitting our clients’ brand and voice. And our modular design systems have to span more than just one product, to create a consistent experience across the Narvar platform.Since our team operates like a design agency, supporting Narvar’s other teams as an internal resource, we have the flexibility to make strategic, forward-thinking design choices. But with that operational model, we also have to make sure we’re excelling at cross-functional collaboration.Ultimately, the challenges we face — designing premium experiences at scale, partnering well cross-functionally, and being agile in a fast-paced Silicon Valley start-up — inspire us to push the limits. We’re proud to be the starting point for the best online shopping experiences around.SF Design Week’s theme this year is “Start here.” We couldn’t agree more. We’ve started fresh in a new space, grown our team, and have kicked off some new products and features. Start the evening at our studio, and get to know our team. We can’t wait to meet you.Sign up for the SF Design Week Studio Crawl here.

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