Sarah Curran

Welcoming Sarah Curran to Narvar

Enhancing Efficiencies in the UK Retail Environment

We are thrilled to announce that Sarah Curran, MBE, has joined Narvar as an advisor. With a career dedicated to optimising business efficiencies and enhancing customer experiences, Sarah's journey of relentless pursuit of operational excellence and customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with Narvar’s mission. Together, we are poised to tackle the pressing challenges in the UK retail sector, focusing on driving operational efficiencies and prioritising customer retention over acquisition.

The UK retail environment is undergoing significant changes. With the continued rise of e-commerce, consumers have become accustomed to seamless and speedy transactions. This shift has put immense pressure on retailers to not only meet but exceed customer expectations. In such a competitive market, operational inefficiencies can lead to significant losses, both in terms of revenue and customer loyalty.

Moreover, the economic uncertainties brought about by recent global events have further emphasised the need for efficiency. Retailers must now navigate supply chain disruptions, fluctuating consumer demand, and rising costs. In this context, driving efficiencies is not just about cutting costs; it’s about creating a resilient and agile business that can adapt to changing market conditions.

Joining Narvar as an advisor marks a significant step in Sarah Curran's career, and she is genuinely excited about the possibilities this collaboration holds. Narvar’s commitment to innovation and excellence aligns perfectly with her values and professional goals. Together, we can drive meaningful change in the retail sector, helping businesses operate more efficiently and retain their customers more effectively.

"I am delighted to join the Narvar team. Their dedication to enhancing the customer experience through innovative solutions is truly inspiring. I look forward to contributing to their mission and helping retailers across the UK achieve greater operational efficiencies and customer loyalty."
Sarah Curran, MBE.

As we move forward, we are confident that our combined efforts will yield significant benefits for the retail community. By focusing on operational efficiencies and customer retention, we can help retailers not only survive but thrive in today’s challenging environment. We are eager to embark on this journey with Sarah Curran and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Together, we will redefine the future of retail, making it more efficient, customer-centric, and resilient. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Founder and CEO of Narvar, Amit Sharma added,

"We are thrilled to welcome Sarah Curran to the Narvar team as an advisor. Sarah's deep understanding of the UK retail landscape and her relentless pursuit of operational excellence will be invaluable as we continue to support retailers in driving efficiencies and enhancing customer retention. We are confident that her insights and expertise will help us further strengthen our presence and impact in the UK market."
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About Sarah Curran, MBE

Sarah Curran, MBE, is a trailblazing entrepreneur who has redefined the fashion and e-commerce industries over her remarkable 20-year career. Founding in 2006, she established it as a leading online destination for high-end designer clothing, setting new standards for accessible luxury and exceptional customer service. Under her leadership, the company expanded globally, gaining the attention of fashion aficionados and industry insiders.

Sarah's talent for identifying emerging trends and curating unique shopping experiences has earned her a reputation as a forward-thinking industry leader, culminating in her receiving an MBE in 2013 for her outstanding contributions to the industry.

Curran held a key role as Managing Director of at The Very Group and her contributions to the fashion and retail sectors earned her an MBE in 2013, recognizing her influence and dedication. Beyond her executive roles, Sarah has served as a NED for multiple organisations, including French Connection Group PLC.  In these roles, she has provided strategic guidance and leveraging her extensive industry knowledge. In 2020 Curran joined True Fit Corp as Managing Director of True Fit Corp and was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer in 2023. Her unique blend of visionary leadership and practical expertise continues to shape the future of retail.

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