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How Intelligent Communication Increases Lifetime Value for Retailers

Keeping your customers in lockstep with their order isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s also a smart move for your bottom-line. 

Why?—Because if you’ve ever shopped online, you know how frustrating it is to be told “your order will be delivered on ———”, only to find your porch packageless or your mailbox empty on the expected delivery day. Even though the delivery delay might be the carrier’s fault, you’re going to hold the ecommerce retailer responsible for your disappointment.   

For that reason, adding intelligent, predictive communication to your organization’s delivery journey is an easy, low-risk way to:

  • Keep customers informed.
  • Mitigate customer frustration.
  • Reduce WISMO-related customer service contact.
  • Improve the customer experience and increase lifetime value.

How you choose to power this kind of communication matters IF you want to stay flexible in your business. Narvar’s proprietary Messaging product utilizes logic-based rules as a way to power communication to your customers. Here are some common scenarios you can solve for today and see immediate ROI. 

Fulfillment isn’t always predictable 

No matter how well you know your supply chain, fulfillment delays can happen.  

Utilize time-based rules—set by you, and configured by Narvar—to proactively communicate with customers about fulfillment delays. 

  • Three days since an order was confirmed? Narvar can shoot a note to your customer via email, SMS, Line, or WhatsApp to reset expectations. 
  • Five days passed and an order is still being processed? Navar can send another expectation-setting message, reducing the need for the customer to contact you. 

(You Should Know: Open rates on Narvar’s fulfillment delay messages average 82%, making them a great way to keep customers informed. You set the rules, Narvar sends the messages, you reap the rewards.) 

What happens when carriers are to blame?

Your warehouse team hustled, picking and packing orders at light speed…Only to see those packed orders sit on a palette for days on end collecting dust as they wait for the carrier to pick them up.  

Intelligent, rules-based messaging from Narvar can help you time communication to customers while awaiting carrier pickup from the warehouse. No matter how many days pass between label creation and pickup, Narvar keeps customers in lockstep with their order by using a Carrier Processing Delay message. As a best practice, retailers using this trigger (which sees an 80% average open rate) get two carrier processing delay messages running at all times. 

The last mile is the longest mile

Delivery times can be unpredictable, leading to costly upticks in call center volume. Through computational logic, Narvar will consistently search for the most recent EDD from your carrier, and trigger a proactive “Delivering tomorrow!” message to your customer 24 hours prior to the delivery date. 

Create the ultimate fulfillment experience for your customers all at once by setting better expectations, reducing WISMO and cultivating delivery excitement all at once.  

Want to learn more?

Read about how retailers like Crystal Classics, Nuun, and Onia drive operational efficiency and WISMO by up to 100% with Narvar. Reach out to learn how you can start streamlining your business today. 

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