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School is back in session! Join Narvar for an on-demand learning experience you won’t forget—an intense immersion in the world of returns. Whether you consider yourself a naive freshman or super senior, this academy contains the right mix of introductory and advanced placement education for you.

Why attend the Narvar Returns Academy?

Better Tap
for Inventory
Discover what you can do to source inventory from customers, including how to expedite returns to avoid the carrying cost of products sitting in your customers’ homes.
Exchanges and
Decrease Returns
Find out what you can do to create a bulletproof returns experience that promotes product exchanges and protects your revenue from the threat of cash refunds.
Improve Returns
Consolidation and
Reduce carrying costs, shorten time to resale, and make it easier to recognize revenue by mastering the right approach to returns consolidation.

Featured Courses


Jay Gittens
Product Marketing Manager
Genevieve Easterling
Sr. Manager of
Customer Success
Deovrat Singh
Head of Logistics Partnerships
Claire Johnson
Product Marketing Manager
Mike Haswell
VP of Partnerships
Anna Ciesinski
Customer Success Lead
Scott Vandegrift
Head of Product
David Morin
Head of Retail Strategy
Tim Moots
Principal Product Manager
Richard Terry-Lloyd
Chief Revenue Officer
Vijay Ramachandran
VP of GTM Enablement + Experience, Pitney Bowes
Tom Reiss
Chief Revenue Officer,
Joseph Valentine
Senior Sales Executive, Cycleon


Grab your pencil case, bust out the three-ringed binders, and get ready to take notes—our digital chalkboard is going to be covered with tips, tricks, and disruptive insights related to returns and reverse logistics.

(In addition to receiving a gold star on their report card, attendees will also receive a special gift just for showing up.)
  • Customer Experience 101
    How Returns Enhance Revenue Health

    Part 1: How are customer expectations evolving as it relates to returns?
    Part 2: What role does the returns process play in cultivating customer loyalty—especially with online shoppers?
    Part 3: Why will revenue health be tied to the returns experience going forward?
    Part 4: How do returns extend the customer journey?
    Part 5: What are the 3 most important parts of the returns experience?
  • Returns Consolidation 203
    Activating Returns Consolidation to Improve Profitability

    Part 1: How does returns consolidation fit into the broader scope of reverse logistics?
    Part 2: What kind of bottom-line impact does returns consolidation have for retailers?
    Part 3: How do you activate returns consolidation to protect profitability in this economic climate?
  • Revenue Retention 310
    Using a Better Returns Experience to Turn Refunds Into Exchanges

    Part 1: Why are returns an opportunity for retailers?
    Part 2: With the economy on shaky legs, how can the returns experience help retailers ride out the turbulence?
    Part 3: What does it take to transform a customer looking for a refund into a customer looking for an exchange?
  • WISMR 416
    How to eliminate “Where is my refund?” From Your Customer’s Vocabulary

    Part 1: What are the factors that lead to a “Where is my refund?” inquiry?
    Part 2: Between increased customer service expenses and churn risk, what are the costs of letting 
WISMR run rampant?
    Part 3: How do you eliminate WISMR from your business?
    Part 4: Why is home pickup such an important part of the returns experience?

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