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Healthcare purchases are sensitive, life-critical transactions. Build long-term patient loyalty through proactive communication and timely support with Narvar’s HIPAA compliant post-purchase solution.

Perfect for patients, perfect for providers

The only HIPAA compliant post-purchase solution

Exceptional experiences inspired from the best in retail

Help patients focus on what matters: being well

Narvar helps providers and patients:

Build trust through proactive notifications every step of the way

Send proactive and predictive transactional notifications.

Choose from 50+ pre-built notifications or create and customize new notifications across email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Line without any development.


click-through rate
Narvar emails out perform industry average open and click-through rates up to 4x.

Provide patients with shipment updates and product support

Don't make them ask "when?" Power the post-purchase journey with elegant, branded tracking pages that keep patients updated every step of the way.

Customize tracking pages to provide helpful articles, product support, and personalized recommendations for your patients.


click-through rate
Modules on the tracking page have an average 10–20% click-through rate.

Support the entire product lifecycle, including seamless returns and repairs

Let your patients focus on the important things. Make returns, warranties, and repairs as effortless as possible with Narvar's self-serve return platform.

Patients can initiate returns online, regardless of whether they purchased in store or online. Give them the industry's widest choice of return options: mail, boxless, in-store, as well as to Narvar's network of 200,000+ return locations.


of shoppers
76% of shoppers say they would give repeat business to a retailer that makes the return process simple.

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